Stop Procrastination, Achieve Work Spirit

Procrastination is the habit of procrastinating work that is often done by some people, both consciously and unconsciously. Be careful, this habit can have a bad impact on your life. There are various reasons why laziness and procrastination dominate when faced with certain jobs or tasks. Some of the reasons could be due to feeling inadequate to complete the task, feeling helpless against the challenges faced, following the habits of people around such as parents, siblings, or coworkers, afraid of failure, feeling still have plenty of time, maybe even because of depression. Delaying the work or procrastination is actually fine, as long as the work can be completed well and on time. However, procrastination can be a problem if it upsets our performance. The characteristics of Procrastination Are you among those who often procrastinate? Check the following procrastination features: Feeling that delaying doing a task can be better because the idea or task needs the right time. Was
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